Hey, I'm Hannah! (trans she/her)
I've been programming for 10 years and working in Minecraft Java development for 4 years now. I do all sorts of programming from embedded to network to web.

My Curriculum Vitae

This is a list of the positions I've formally held. I'm still working on writing up all my past projects into one place for easy viewing.

SMPEarth Developer

Jan 2020-Jul 2021

After having worked on a few servers with friends, learning to develop plugins, I applied for SMPEarth Public before they launched. There, I worked on various plugins including creating a custom Towny war plugin. I eventually became the Lead Developer and a Manager before I left in July 2021 to move on to other projects.

SootMC Developer

Jun 2020-Aug 2022

At the time I joined SootMC it was a very small survival server. Working with several other developers we helped expand it into a much larger network. My biggest contribution was the minigames; I created half a dozen gamemodes as well as a core plugin to manage the entire system with limited server resources. This gave me a lot of experience in designing and playtesting minigames as well as working in a team.

SootLabs Event Developer

Jan 2022-Feb 2023

Working on these events, I've developed a Twitch subscriber whitelist system that can handle several hundreds of checks in a few seconds. I also worked on their 100 Players events. I've finished work on a top secret project, which has given me more skills in web development and networking. I've learned to develop robust and resource efficient code, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of active connections.

One of Us Foundation

May 2023

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the One of Us Foundation for their Festival of Voices event, involving more than 25 content creators and thousands of players. I created capture-the-flag game and collaborated to create their main event. I learned GLSL and core shaders to create custom text effects and worked hard to mix art with the games.

About Me

I've been interested in programming since I was young — I began by making games in Scratch and then websites, until I learned Java through creating Minecraft plugins.

I love linguistics and I can speak English , French , and Toki Pona . I'm currently learning Welsh and Dutch .

I tinker on all sorts of projects and love making unique things. Game design is something I'm really interested in, and I'm working on a few games at the moment. My other hobbies include radio, cryptography, aviation, and photography.



Fully Proficient


Fully Proficient

Minecraft Software

Fully Proficient


Fully Proficient

JavaScript and NodeJS


MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL




Embedded C



The best way to reach me for business is by Discord, but I still check email regularly